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Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Customer relationship management (CRM)

By using data to stimulate and drive transactions, thus driving higher revenues. The key to all our strategies is the data we are able to use or accumulate to drive results. The data is the heartbeat of all programmes and strategies. Data is often underutilised and we aim to optimise this to ensure future long term success. 

Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Marketing Plans

With years of experience in marketing planning across the region in loyalty, retail and hospitality, we identify a marketing plan that plans the best direction towards reaching your business objectives. Our marketing plans are quite digitally driven for more accountability, quantitative analysis and KPI driven ROI. 

Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Lifecycle Marketing Planning

Data management is the key ingredient to lifestyle marketing, understanding the consumer profile and consumer transactions. We not only articulate a detailed marketing plan but we can also analyse consumer trends to reel out personalised, data-led, frequency, relevancy and trigger based, and recognition offers.    

Marketing l Bright Insights Consulting l Dubai

Client & Consumer Training

Be it merchant acquisition or consumer-facing employee training, we understand that the execution of a project is key to all its stakeholders. The attention to detail should be another unique selling point for consumers to come on board.  

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